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Where it All Began

Sometimes the universe lays out a path before you. The key, is being mindful enough to see it and brave enough to follow it.


I consider myself one of the lucky ones. Following a 19-year career as a professional illustrator and graphic designer I followed the signs. And, with family and close friends behind me, hung up my Creative Director hat and took a calculated leap of faith with the hope of building a new career that would use my talents to their fullest and provide fulfillment along the way.

Inspired to create purposeful items that connect with the human spirit, I formed Lellow Lolly.

Lellow, the youthful pronunciation of yellow; the color of happiness.  And Lolly, short for lollipop; a timeless candy treat that offers sweetness and comfort.

Yes, the name can be a bit of a tongue twister. But every pronunciation is almost always followed by a smile. That’s Lellow Lolly’s goal; sharing smiles, spreading joy and showing kindness with the hope that together, we can enhance the world one positive human interaction at a time.

Whether it’s expressing words of wisdom, reaching out to a friend, sending a quick note of acknowledgment or raising a generation of mindful youth, there’s something for everyone who believes that love and kindness are what makes the world go 'round.



The Lolly Way



My high school art teacher instilled many valuable lessons, two of which stand out above all: “Darker dark and lighter lights” as well as “never use paint out of the tube.” The latter means that one should never settle for the manufacturer's standard blends, but seek the wide world of color that can only be achieved by mixing hues.

I listened and have never been satisfied with simple, straightforward or ordinary since. Rather, I enjoy the puzzle of combining opposing concepts, techniques and mediums.

There is something gratifying about the tactile experience derived from working with paper, pencil, paint and craft supplies. It’s raw and authentic. Yet, the magical qualities of digital media cross barriers that ‘handmade’ never will. Together, the possibilities are limitless. And so, the “Lellow Lolly way” involves purposefully developing a complex combination of color, textures, illustration and typography that are digitally collaged together with the intent of visually entertaining the viewer's eye.

Each piece features a different combination of alcohol ink, paper patterns, stencils, stamps, typography, illustration and digital media effects.  Once printed, each art print is hand embellished with Lolly Dust — a secret formula that adds a little sparkle and sunshine to the piece.

From there, each item is carefully packaged in the hopes that it will be enjoyed as much as it was a pleasure to create.