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Celebrate You.

Kim Hanzo


When I was a girl, many summer weekends were spent camping with family. There were no TVs, cellphones, laptops or ipads to occupy the time. So, as a young girl, much of my time was spent wandering the woods and traversing the creek, catching toads, crayfish and any other critters that caught my attention. The challenge when walking the creek is keeping your feet dry. If rainfall had been low, it was simple to hop from stone to stone. In other areas, pools of water ran deep. The stones above water were few and far between, which meant carefully plotting your route. If you were lucky, each rock was secure — though some would teeter. Others were coated in a thin layer of moss — a peril that experienced rock hoppers will recognize. They look like they’d provide traction, but in fact can be as slippery as ice. Needless to say, the creek posed it’s challenges, but it never occurred to me not to travel it. I knew the risks and I was up to the challenge.

One year ago today, I began traversing a new creek. (Not the “S--T” one and not the one that doesn’t allow paddles.) What a journey it’s been. Lellow Lolly was formed to celebrate relationships, comfort in times of strife, acknowledge greatness, and inspire positivity; to connect each of us to one another. And so, from stone to stone, Lellow Lolly and I have made our way from Happiness prints, to seasonal and holiday artwork, all occasion cards, Character Critters, Baby Love items, Seasons of Faith and custom orders. We’ve built a website, exhibited at craft shows, partnered with Hopebox, are featured in multiple area boutiques, including Hallmark, and have shipped work across the United States and overseas. Sure, there have been some stones that teetered and one or two moss covered rocks, but we’re here. It's a proud moment.

But after all the hard work, late nights, blood, sweat and a few tears, the accomplishment that I am most proud and appreciative of is the company we keep. That’s you. Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning, joined along the way or are just now discovering Lellow Lolly, I’m glad that you’re here. Your continued support and shared passion are the reasons Lellow Lolly is celebrating its first birthday. So, join in the party because today we celebrate you!



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  • So very happy that the world gets to enjoy your beautiful artwork. Happy birthday to you!

    Maria RIchardson

  • Congratulations Kim!! I am so incredibly proud of you and the courage you showed in stepping on that first stone. I know this is only the beginning of your story. I look forward to following it for years to come. ❤️❤️❤️

    Dawn Maddox

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